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WE NEED YOU! Fundraising campaign

Allegra , October 4th, 2018

Allies, friends, colleagues, It’s this time of the year again… and we’ve had to make essential maintenance on the website. As the repairs were somewhat more extensive than…


Fall for This Anthro Life: Back in Action, New Content, and our Patreon Campaign

Ryan Collins , September 27th, 2017

Hey Listeners! Adam and Ryan are back from their brief summer hiatus (a time filled with fieldwork, dissertation writing, and travels abound) with new content, a fresh Patreon…

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HELP! (Before we CRASH!)

Miia Halme-Tuomisaari , June 7th, 2017

Ever so often you – our beloved Allegra readers – may have noticed that we have issued a call, perhaps to crowd source for references or most influential…