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How Louisiana’s Cultural Tradition has Transcended the Pandemic

Meagan McGuire, CDME , March 22nd, 2021

In the early Spring of 2020, Mardi Gras celebrations were not hampered by the impending pandemic. The weather was perfect; mild and comfortable. Celebrations continued throughout January and…

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One Researcher’s Experience in the Peruvian Amazon Illustrates Positive Community Branding

Dr. Justin Taillon - Highline College , February 9th, 2021

INTRODUCTION All researchers realize early in their careers that they stand on the shoulders of giants in their field. The field of tourism is no different. No matter…

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Future of Tourism Video Podcast: An Anthropological Perspective on Tourism

David Peacock - Future of Tourism Group , January 16th, 2021

originally published January 13, 2021 at Future Tourism Group Meagan McGuire is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Seattle’s Southside Tourism Authority. She has a maste…

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