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“Saigon’s Penalscape: Interpreting Colonial Prisons in Vietnam” – first 50 Pdfs free

john hutnyk , September 20th, 2022

Your article, Saigon’s penalscape: interpreting colonial prisons in Vietnam, with Sophie Fuggle, is now published in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Volume 23 Issue 3 Have you used your free eprints yet?…


There and back again

standplaatswereld , June 13th, 2022

by Shunita Gerritsen With a loud, blunt clonk the ferry arrives. The gate slowly comes down while the flashing lights and loud beeping alert the impatiently waiting passengers….

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Teaching Culture through Tourism: Agency, Authenticity, and Colonialism

John Barker , April 9th, 2022

In this contribution, Karoline Guelke discusses how studies of tourism can help students overcome common misperceptions of other cultures as static and unchanging. During one of my first…

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Robinson on Con Dao

john hutnyk , November 5th, 2021

First 50 to click the url here get a free pdf – https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/0967828X.2021.1994353#.YYVKsbiYIYQ.linkedin


Dark Tourism East and Southeast Asia at ASA 2021

john hutnyk , October 12th, 2021

This is the longer version, with all the discussion


Dimitris Dalakoglou, Georgos Poulimenakos: The Past is on Fire: Wildfires, (Un)imagined Communities and the Shift to the Tourism of the 1%

focaal_admin , September 30th, 2021

In Greece, during the summer of 2021, we saw again a proliferation of wildfires that went on for days, like in 2020. While the climate change argument makes…


The Rumour of Calcutta: Tourism, Charity and the Poverty of Representation

john hutnyk , March 12th, 2021

Reposted from three years ago because – the stats tell me – at least one copy has been downloaded every day this month. Either its a dedicated bot…


Lindsey Pullam takes the page 99 test

| , August 31st, 2020

The 99th page of my dissertation goes into substantial detail about why military cemeteries exist for Israeli Druze IDF soldiers (when no such cemeteries exist for Druze civilians)….

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PrEP in Thailand in the time of COVID-19

Timothy Quinn , June 30th, 2020

In 2012, the first PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) drugs came onto the market, poised to revolutionize the field of HIV prevention. ‘The Pill’ promised to usher in a kind…


Destination Anthropocene: An Interview with Amelia Moore

colinhoag , May 19th, 2020

Destination Anthropocene: Science and Tourism in The Bahamas By Amelia Moore, University of Rhode Island 216pp. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press § Colin Hoag spoke with Prof….


The Vanishing Land: In Search of a Myth for Samothraki

colinhoag , May 12th, 2020

By Eleni Kotsira, University of St Andrews § It is an evening in the early days of August 2019. I am sitting at a café in an alleyway…


1988 fieldwork with Patrick Swayze.

john hutnyk , April 25th, 2020

  Full story here: The Rumour of Calcutta


The Tragic Intersection of the Coronavirus and Ecotourism

Lauren Gilhooly , April 20th, 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, ecotourists like these, shown here viewing an Asian elephant, packed river boats on the Kinabatangan River in Borneo, Malaysia. Mark Sisson/Minden Pictures/AP …


Two Collections of Florida Seminole Dolls

Jason Baird Jackson , April 8th, 2020

Since beginning the social distancing era, I have taken on a small, personal project to photograph and share two collections of Florida Seminole dolls from my life. Building…

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Walls of Expression and Dark Murals Tourism

Chelsea Horton , November 15th, 2019

Notes on the Battle of Cable Street mural—a colorful depiction of the day anti-fascists faced down by Oswald Mosely’s Blackshirts in London’s East End. The west wall of…

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The arguments against climbing Uluru… and why people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

The Familiar Strange , August 11th, 2019

Author: Dr. Yasmine Mushbarbash, senior lecturer in anthropology at the Australian National University. The focus of her ethnographic work has been on Warlpiri people living in Yuendemu, in the…

→The Familiar Strange

A Cooperative Craft Survey in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Part 1

Jason Baird Jackson , July 29th, 2019

A note on photographs. Here just a few photographs from the first day of our May 2019 travel in Yunnan are presented. It will take time to work…

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Accumulation by media saturation

Ryan , July 7th, 2019

Palapa-lined beach on the East Cape of BCS, Mexico. Photo: Ryan Anderson, 2012. Recently, I was at the doctor’s office (I’m fine, thanks) and I started sifting through…


Slum tourism

john hutnyk , January 11th, 2019

I am gathering material for a review of this area and found a dissertation that discusses The Rumour of Calcutta: “Hutnyk (1996: 10) also states that the massive…


Metro hoarding. HCMC.

The museum of vernacular regeneration

john hutnyk , November 24th, 2018

Read it here


From Crystal Skulls to the Caste War

Kirby Farah and Kenneth Seligson , October 23rd, 2018

Intersections of Tourism, Archaeology and Heritage in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico Figure 1. Tourists admire the “El Castillo” pyramid at the site of Chichen Itza in Yucatán,…

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Posting at the Margins

Alexandra Frankel , June 29th, 2018

The “memeification” of political discourse in the 2018 Mexican presidential elections. Brandon Hunter-Pazzara “Okay, let’s start the memes,” posted a member of a community Facebook page in the…

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Review of The Pursuit of Happiness: Black Women, Diasporic Dreams, and the Politics of Emotional Transnationalism. Bianca C. Williams. Duke University Press, 2018.

Guest Contributor , June 11th, 2018

By Erica Lorraine Williams I recently spent two weeks in Lisbon, Portugal. It was the end of an incredibly busy semester, and I had recently finished reading Bianca…