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Plough in Tunisia

tabsir , April 17th, 2022

I am always intrigued by old photographs of traditional ploughs in the Middle East. The picture above is from a 1925 travel book by Norma Lorimer entitled By…


(Almost) Native Ethnography Meets the Heat of the Tunisian Desert

(Almost) Native Ethnography meets the heat of the Tunisian Desert

‘Every Day is a Copy-And-Paste’: Waithood Among Tunisian Men

Stefano Pontiggia , April 20th, 2016

This morning I felt that I couldn’t bear this passivity any longer. I was sinking in my red plastic chair without anything to do. In those moments, when…


27. Freedom technologists and the future of global justice

John Postill , January 22nd, 2016

This is the twenty-seventh post in the freedom technologists series See also the Directory of freedom technologists  via State of Power 2016 18 January 2016 In the wake…


Urban Space, Virtual Space, and the Media In Egypt

MPeterson , November 2nd, 2015

What is “the geography of urban uprising during the so-called Arab Spring” and, particularly, what is the relationship between its physical and virtual locations? That’s the question…


Tunisia after the terror attacks

tabsir , August 9th, 2015

by Rachid Ghannouchi © Qantara.de 2015 Translated from the German by Nina Coon A battle for freedom and dignity In the wake of the attacks on Sousse and…


anthro in the news 7/6/15

anthropologyworks , July 5th, 2015

Blaming the victim An article in the Guardian on Greece’s financial situation mentions the anthropologist of debt, professor David Graeber of the London School of Economics. While the…


Islamic Africa: New Brill Journal

tabsir , June 24th, 2015

Islamic Africa is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, academic journal published online and in print. Incorporating the journal Sudanic Africa, Islamic Africa publishes original research concerning I…


The Archaeology of Star Wars

tabsir , June 11th, 2015

Heritagedaily.com, November 11, 2013. “These are not the ruins you’re looking for!” In 2012 Italian photographer Rä di Martino spent more than a year wandering the desert towns…


Open Access to Middle East Journals and Newspapers

tabsir , May 31st, 2015

For anyone doing research on the Middle East for the past two centuries, there is an incredible archive online. Details below: Alphabetical List of Open Access Historical Newspapers…


Whatever Happened to Democratization in Egypt?

MPeterson , April 25th, 2015

“Pathways of Post-Uprising States” according to Ray Hinnebusch’s article in the most recent issue of the journal Democratization. Democratization theory–a continually developin…