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Let the interviews begin!

sydneyyeager , June 21st, 2017

It’s finally time…. Tagged: Anthropology, fieldwork, interviews

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The Anthropologist’s Disclaimer

sydneyyeager , September 23rd, 2015

Many people I meet, even people I talk to on a regular basis, do not have background knowledge of anthropology, and I think that is fairly typical. Anthropology…

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Mobile Health in Context

sydneyyeager , October 30th, 2013

Mobile Health in Context: How Information is Woven Into Our Lives   @SusannahFox @PewResearch Susannah Fox from Pew Review Research put together an excellent presentation of the latest…

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Clickthrough Anthropology Blogs – October 2013

Jason Antrosio , October 13th, 2013

I keep all the Anthropology Blogs 2013 in a big Feedly subscription. Got behind and scrolled through over 400 articles in the last few weeks. These are the…

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