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Alexander W. Anthony: Covid in the confines of the US

focaal_admin , April 1st, 2022

Introduction There is a calendar in my office which still hangs at March 2020; an artifact of the confusion and rush to ‘lockdown’ and to find shelter from…


Don Nonini: Scoring the U.S. Working Class: Expropriation and Digitalization

focaal_admin , March 28th, 2022

Introduction Working-class people in the United States are now at a turning point – whether to compliantly return to the pre-Covid conditions capital set for them, or to…


Steven Sampson: Cabal Anthropology – or whether the anthropology of belief helps us understand conspiracism

focaal_admin , September 13th, 2021

QAnon, Deep State, pedophile plots, George Soros, stolen elections, 9/11 truthers, Obama birthers, 5G penetration, the anti-maskers, the anti-vaxxers… We slow-working, ever so reflective anthropologi…


Escape, Exposure, and Life on the Pacific Crest Trail

Emily Chambers , December 11th, 2020

An act of walking into the wilderness implies an act of walking out of somewhere or something. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which extends over the US states…


Richard H. Robbins: The Economy After Covid-19

focaal_admin , July 13th, 2020

Richard H. Robbins, SUNY Plattsburgh One feature of both the economic recession of 2007/2008 and the present Covid-19-induced economic collapse is increased central bank bouts of quantitative easi…


Don Nonini: Black Enslavement and Agro-industrial Capital

focaal_admin , July 3rd, 2020

Don Nonini, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Insa Koch’s recent (2020) FOCAAL blog, “The Making of Modern Slavery in Austerity Britain,” reminds us that enslavement and…


Sharryn Kasmir: Prospects for Left Politics in the United States amid Coronavirus and Capitalist Crisis

focaal_admin , April 21st, 2020

Sharryn Kasmir, Hofstra University & University of Bergen Several weeks into the global pandemic, the gravity of the COVID-19-triggered economic crisis in the United States is coming into…


Larissa’s Story: Behind the Migration Crisis Headlines

Deniz Daser , November 13th, 2019

In late September, 2019, the current US presidential administration struck several unprecedented deals with the Northern Triangle governments of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to return asylum s…


George Washington’s Letter to the Jews

Rex , July 4th, 2019

I recently returned from a trip to New England to visit the affines. While there, my children received a gift from one of the aunts — a printed…

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Gabriela Vargas-Cetina , December 22nd, 2018

It was my second night at the University Housing complex of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The metal frame and grid of the bed creaked so much it…

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That Most Dangerous, Sacred American Space, the Bathroom

Robert Myers , June 20th, 2018

Binary clarity at an Interstate comfort station. “Ladies” to the left, “Gentlemen” to the right. Courtesy Robert Myers. uncommon sense Spoiler alert: In Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho, Janet Leigh…

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Why Is This Trash Can Yelling at Me? Big Bellies and Clean Green Gentrification

Jacob Doherty , June 20th, 2018

“Pssst. There’s something really special happening here. I’m collecting five times more trash than the other guys and using solar energy to compact it all. Welcome to downtown…

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An Immigrant’s View of “Amrika”

Ira Bashkow , June 20th, 2018

books & arts Deepak Singh. 2017. How May I Help You? An Immigrant’s Journey from MBA to Minimum Wage. Oakland: University of California Press. 305 pages. I am…

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Fear and Loathing in Atlanta

Hilary Agro , April 28th, 2018

Content warning: racism, violence, mention of miscarriage. I was on my way to the airplane that would take me back home, to Canada. I boarded the train between…

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Chuck Sturtevant , April 23rd, 2018

When the news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller III indicted a Russian “troll farm” and 13 individuals associated with it, news and commentary reacted with outrage over…

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Yellow Water: Rupture and Return One Year after the Gold King Mine Spill

Teresa Montoya , January 21st, 2018

Figure 1. A view of Animas Creek taken one year after the August 2015 Gold King Mine spill that discharged three million gallons of acid mine water toward…

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The Great American Cultural Eclipse

Robert Myers with David Toot , November 20th, 2017

Viewers in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, which was briefly renamed “Eclipseville” for the eclipse. Photo courtesy Nicole Erwin, WKMS. Total solar eclipses are magnificent, dramatic visual colli…

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Lesley Gill and Norbert Ross: What’s Class Got to Do with It?

Focaal Web Editor , September 16th, 2016

Unsettled by Donald Trump’s bigotry and xenophobia, liberal pundits have struggled to understand his improbable anointment as the nominee of the Republican party. Many have sought answers in…


More than Scenery: National Parks Preserve Our History and Culture

Antoinette Jackson , August 3rd, 2016

Antoinette Jackson talks with former president Jimmy Carter about the nearly vanished town of Archery, which occupied part of Carter’s boyhood farm. Photo courtesy of the USF Heritage…

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Good Earth: Exploring the Old Lead Belt

Photographs and text by Benjamin Hoste , July 13th, 2016

Figure 1. Park Hills, Missouri, 120 Buckley Street. The entire street borders the Desloge Chat Pile, which has been remediated by the Environmental Protection Agency and partially transformed…

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Remains of the Day: A Native American Burial Discovered in San Francisco Is Shrouded in a Fog of Acrimony

Peter W. Colby , April 26th, 2016

Computer visualization of the burial arrangement as discovered, working from generic photographs of bones. Courtesy of Peter Colby. On February 25, 2014, at eight in the morning, the…

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Gina Athena Ulysse on Sandra Bland

doug reeser , August 3rd, 2015

In a piece on Africa is a Country titled “Meditation on Sandra Bland’s self-possession, The Beatles and neo-Black codes of conduct,“ anthropologist Gina Athena Ulysse reflects on Sandra…

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The Unequal Distribution of Inequality: Lessons from South Africa

Human Economy Blog , August 10th, 2014

By Tijo Salverda As I have already pointed out in an earlier piece in this blog, growing inequality has become a major issue of concern around the world….


On Racial Profiling and the ‘While…’ Phenomenon

Sarah Abel , March 10th, 2014

Following inquiries from some of my international readers, I would like to take a few moments to explain the title of this blog. The ‘anthropology while white’ formulation…

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