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Podcast # 2 is online! Guest: Aleeha Ali

standplaatswereld , November 12th, 2020

In this episode, Puck de Boer talks with Aleeha Ali, who studied sociology in Pakistan, did a research master’s in anthropology in the UK and is currently a…

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In Memoriam, Sidney Mintz, 1922-2015

Jason Antrosio , December 28th, 2015

Professor Sidney Wilfred Mintz, affectionately known as “Sid,” passed away on December 26, 2015. In a first and now widely-shared post, Elizabeth Dunn succinctly conveyed the thoughts of…

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Blog Update and Approaching Youth in Open Anthropology

Jason Antrosio , June 10th, 2015

Been doing some significant blog maintenance, trying to make the site look more like Anthropology 2.015. Finally updated the big list of Anthropology Blogs 2015. Please let me…

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American Anthropological Association #AAA2014 Meetings

Jason Antrosio , November 20th, 2014

The 2014 Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association were December 2-7 in Washington D.C. and feature a Searchable Program. I was a discussant for Anthropology and Storytelling,…

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How do you write an anthropology textbook?

Jason Antrosio , July 22nd, 2014

Over at my blog-page which attempts to review and integrate anthropology textbooks, got this question from Christopher DeCorse, anthropologist and archaeologist, and co-author with Raymond Scupin of A…

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Anthropology Blogs 2014

Jason Antrosio , February 7th, 2014

Update 2015: This is the archive page for 2014 Anthropology Blogs. Click Anthropology Blogs 2015 for a current list and see also the Anthropology Blogs 2013 and 2012…

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Cultural Anthropology 2013: Human Nature & Public Debates

Jason Antrosio , January 1st, 2014

It was a great honor and privilege to be invited to deliver the Cultural Anthropology overview for the Five Fields Update sponsored by the Society for Anthropology in…

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AAA 2013 Annual Meetings Chicago – Reader Guide #aaa2013

Jason Antrosio , October 27th, 2013

The 2013 Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association are November 20-24 in Chicago. Whether you are going or are just interested in anthropology, take a look at…

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Anthropology and Science

o.w. , December 2nd, 2010

A recent Inside Higher Ed article, “Anthropology Without Science”, discusses the American Anthropological Associations recent changes to its’ “vision” (not definition for…

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