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Author Interview: Negotiating Inseparability in China: The Xinjiang Class and the Dynamics of Uyghur Identity, by Tim Grose (Rose Hulman Institute of Technology)

info@centraleurasia.org , October 10th, 2020

Editor’s note:  In this, our third installment of the books shortlisted for the CESS annual prizes in social sciences and humanities, Mirshad Ghalip (Indiana University) interviews Tim Grose…

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Publication announcement: “Sterilizations, IUDs, and Mandatory Birth Control: The CCP’s Campaign to Suppress Uyghur Birthrates in Xinjiang, by Adrien Zenz

info@centraleurasia.org , July 1st, 2020

We wish to share news of a new publication concerning the unfolding human rights crisis in Xinjiang, a new report on mandatory birth control among Uyghur communities.  The…

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Connecting the dots around the XUAR Camps: bringing together a year of diverse research, by Rune Steenberg (University of Copenhagen)

Rune Steenberg , November 17th, 2019

Scholarship and advocacy It has been a good year since the international media and organisations world wide have begun to pay increased attention to the internment camps in…

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Tomaten und Kleidung aus Xinjiang: Wer zahlt für den Exportboom?

Mirko Woitzik , August 13th, 2019

Die chinesische Regierung fördert Unternehmen, die sich im wirtschaftlich schwachen Westen des Landes niederlassen. Die Provinz Xinjiang liefert Produkte wie Tomaten und Kleidung an westliche Großunte…

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Emotions of Friendship: The Psychological Challenges of Doing Fieldwork in Xinjiang

thenewethnographer , April 10th, 2019

  Lisa Ernst is trained in Cultural Anthropology, Chinese Studies and Islamic Studies and is currently a PhD student in Central Asian Studies at the Berlin Graduate School…

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Peer Review Boycott: Say No to Political Censorship

Carole McGranahan , September 14th, 2017

By: Charlene Makley and Carole McGranahan Would you peer review manuscripts for a journal or press that politically censors its content? If your answer is no, then please…

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Konvertiten in China: Was war nochmal Islam?

Lisa Krauss , April 8th, 2016

  Terror, Gewalt, Extremismus: in diesem Zusammenhang wird auch in China über den Islam berichtet. Dennoch schließen sich vermehrt junge Menschen dieser Glaubensrichtung an. Im Netz berichten sie…

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