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Conversaciones en zapatillas de andar por casa: Javier Maurín de “El jacobino”

anthropologies , May 3rd, 2022

Read Time:16 Minute, 36 Second Hoy tenemos en “Conversaciones en zapatillas de andar por casa” a Javier Maurín, codirector de El Ja…


Libertad de expresión y otras formas de censura

anthropologies , November 30th, 2021

Read Time:8 Minute, 21 Second 20 de septiembre de 2021. Estamos en pleno especial sobre genocidios. Se publica un artículo cuya fin…


Studying Historical Artifacts on YouTube

Chelsea Horton , March 25th, 2021

A new community of YouTube creators are using video to give audiences a close-up view of antique garments and accessories. Can they inspire museums to invest in new…

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Un espejo donde reflejarnos

anthropologies , November 17th, 2020

Una de las cuestiones que más me inquietan de la juventud son los referentes de éxito que manejan, ya que esos referentes son los espejos en los que…


Mi lengua, mi origen

anthropologies , October 8th, 2020

Si bien en los países desarrollados, la migración del campo a la ciudad ha terminado, en los países en vías de desarrollo la migración campo- ciudad sigue dándose….


Digital Migration

Guest Contributor , April 11th, 2020

Anthrodendum welcomes guest blogger Patricia G. Lange, an anthropologist and associate professor of Critical Studies (undergraduate program) and Visual & Critical Studies (graduate program) at Cal…


Now on Youtube

Anthropology365 , April 8th, 2020

You can visit my YouTube channel: Anthropology 365. I am currently working on content that covers a field examination of the use of anthropogenic (human-made) spaces by reptiles…

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Patricia G. Lange on her new book, Thanks for Watching

| , March 9th, 2020

https://upcolorado.com/university-press-of-colorado/item/3737-thanks-for-watching Interview by Jan English-Lueck Jan English-Lueck:  You have been writing about YouTubers, on and off screen, for over…

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Part Two: Reciprocity and Its Discontents

Haidy Geismar , January 21st, 2020

Patricia G. Lange, California College of the Arts   Mary Douglas, a key figure in the field of anthropology, once famously asserted that in small-scale societies, “the cycling…

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Reclaiming Reciprocity in Video Sharing Environments

Haidy Geismar , January 14th, 2020

By Patricia Lange, California College of the Arts in San Francisco [In this new series, part of the Digital World category, we publish author commentaries on recently published…

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Happy Pride Month!

Baird Campbell , June 18th, 2019

A proposed redesign of the original pride flag, centering the inclusion of marginalized communities within the queer community. Design by Daniel Quasar. In support and solidarity with LGBTQIA+/Queer…


The Accidental Celebrity

Alexandra Frankel , March 9th, 2017

Achieving media stardom takes more than luck. It requires hard work and perseverance. City of stars Are you shining just for me? City of stars You never shined…

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Why do Young Men from Lower Socio-Economic Classes prefer Shopping Online?

Shriram Venkatraman , July 3rd, 2015

Photo by Shriram Venkatraman   Most of us on social media have noticed the static advertisements that are displayed on the side panels or the advertisements that intrude upon…

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Socialnomics/Social Media’s presence

teenthropologist , October 26th, 2012

(Click this > to watch) Socialnomics/Social Media’s presence Akin to my previous comments on the attachment of teenagers to phones and the way that social media has changed social…