Academic Chat: Reflecting on Hu Tai-li’s Indigenous Ethnographic Work in Taiwan

In this episode, our host, Niki Alsford, invites Prof Scott Simon, the Chair of Taiwan Studies at the University of Ottawa, to share his thoughts and reflections on Prof Hu Tai-li 胡台麗, who pioneered documentary ethnography in Taiwan. Prof Simon talks about how he considers Hu’s contributions and influence in academia, especially on the subject of ethnic relations in Taiwan. He further shares his insights on Hu’s documentary, The Voices of Orchid Island, and he further addresses the nuclear waste and over-tourism issues beyond what the viewers see in the documentary. In the second part of the interview, Prof Simon talks about his personal research path and how he turns to work on socio-anthropological research of the indigenous people in Taiwan. He also briefly introduces his current research project, “Austronesian Worlds: Human-animal Entanglements in the Pacific Anthropocene”. If you’re one of those who are passionate about socio-anthropological research of Taiwanese indigenous like Prof Simon and our host, Niki, then you will definitely enjoy this brief exchange amongst the two Taiwan specialists.

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