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Can Cryptocurrency Revolutionize the Rituals of Money?

Sara Ceraldi , August 3rd, 2018

[no-caption] Andrew Baker/Getty Images Objects—pieces of paper, coins, lumps of precious metal—may serve as currency and represent specific monetary values, but what underpins the exchang…


What If Machines Could Learn the Way Children Do?

Matthew Gwynfryn Thomas and Djuke Veldhuis , March 21st, 2018

A good number of us shout at our laptops when they misbehave, often to no avail. Perhaps soon they will listen. Could we one day teach them—much like…


Learning to Trust Machines That Learn

Matthew Gwynfryn Thomas and Djuke Veldhuis , October 11th, 2017

Imagine lying on a hospital bed. Doctors with grave expressions hover. One leans down to tell you that you are terribly sick and says they recommend a risky…


Web Roundup: A Hack By Any Other Name by Emily Goldsher-Diamond

Emily Goldsher-Diamond , May 31st, 2017

Hacking has been on our minds for months now, namely due to the American (and now French) presidential election. But hacking has been of interest to scholars for decades, and in…


The future of designing autonomous systems will involve ethnographers

Madeleine clare elish , June 28th, 2016

Note from the Editor, Tricia Wang: Next up in our Co-designing with machines edition is Madeleine Clare Elish, (@mcette), is an anthropologist and researcher at Data & Society, presents a…

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The human-side of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Steven Gustafson , June 20th, 2016

Note from the Editor, Tricia Wang: Next up in our Co-designing with machines edition is Steven Gustafson (@stevengustafson), founder of the Knowledge Discovery Lab at the General Electric Gl…

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The hidden story of how metrics are being used in courtrooms and newsrooms to make more decisions

Angèle Christin , June 20th, 2016

Note from the Editor, Tricia Wang: The next author for the Co-designing with machines edition is Angèle Christin (@angelechristin), sociologist and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Data & Soci…

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Lou and Cee Cee prepare for fieldwork in the future: a world where robots conduct ethnography

Alicia Dudek , June 17th, 2016

Editor’s Note: Kicking off our Co-designing with machines edition is Alicia Dudek (@aliciadudek), Innovation Insight Lead & Design Ethnographer at Deloitte Digital Australia. Using …

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Co-designing with machines: moving beyond the human/machine binary

tricia wang , June 13th, 2016

Letter from the Editor: I am happy to announce Welcome to the The Co-Desinging with Machines edition. As someone with one foot in industry redesigning organizations to flourish in a…

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Teaching-learning materials on ICT in rural Ghana

standplaatswereld , April 14th, 2016

Door: Tessa Gruijs   During my three months of fieldwork in Ghana for my Master’s research, together with a local NGO I tried to figure out how (future) primary…

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