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Permafrost thaw responsible for Norilsk oil spill, impacting indigenous fishing?

fstammle , June 6th, 2020

Talking to a friend in Se Yakha, at the shore of the Ob Bay close to the Kara Sea, I realised how far the consequences of the recent…

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Inescapable Temporalities: Chinook Salmon and the Non-Sovereignty of Co-Management in Southwest Alaska

colinhoag , July 25th, 2019

By William Voinot-Baron, University of Wisconsin at Madison § For several weeks after midsummer arrives along the lower Kuskokwim River, even as the days begin to shorten, the…


John Wacheno on Fishing Rights and Land Inheritance, 1931

Ethnohistory Research, LLC | David G. Lewis, PhD , July 14th, 2019

In 1931, John Wacheno of Grand Ronde tesified before a subcommittee from the Committee of Indian Affairs at Chemawa Indian School in Salem, Oregon. The subcommittee is investigating…

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This Is Not a Goldmine: Capital, Conservation, and the Politics of Recruitment in the Deep Bismarck Sea

colinhoag , March 12th, 2019

Editorial Note: This post is part of our series highlighting the work of the Anthropology and Environment Society’s 2018 Roy A. Rappaport Prize Finalists. We asked them to outline the…


How an Archaeological Experiment Revealed California’s Ancient Past

Anna Goldfield , August 14th, 2018

San Nicolas Island, the most remote and one of the smallest of California’s Channel Islands, is more than 60 miles from the mainland. The seas around the island…


Clackamas Fishing Culture

David G. Lewis' Ethnohistory Research, LLC , June 30th, 2018

  The Clackamas were major fisher people in the Willamette and Columbia. The Willamette Falls is second only to Celilo in the lower Columbia for fishing for salmon….


James Swan; Fishing Culture of Coastal Washington Tribes

David G. Lewis' Ethnohistory Research, LLC , May 14th, 2018

James G. Swan is a legendary scholar of Native people of the Northwest coast. He is an early federal employee in the Oregon territory and lives in the…


Rasbora Argyrotaenia and Barbonymus Gorionotus

Roikan , April 16th, 2018

Love fishingGo. Fishing Lestari Courtesy of IG @satria_berjoranbiru


Fish, Flows, and Desire in the Delta

Alexandra Frankel , March 13th, 2018

In the wetlands, claims about environmental and economic change are rooted in broader assertions about livelihood and belonging. The dirt road vanishes into a muddy track. The two…

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Arctic Weather Words

Alexandra Frankel , March 13th, 2018

 In northern Greenland, the words people use to describe the sea ice and weather provide insight into the ongoing effects of climate change. The hunters and fishers of…

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Andrew S. Charles, Siuslaw Informant 1931

David G. Lewis' Ethnohistory Research, LLC , November 27th, 2017

In 1931, the coastal tribes were in the midst of a lawsuit against the federal government. The tribes of the southern coast, between the California border and North…


Naresaba: A Fraught History of Fermented Mackerel Sushi

foodanthro , September 16th, 2016

Shingo Hamada Osaka Shoin Women’s University Fermentation is a preservation technology often seen in Southeast Asia and East Asia, including fish sauce and fermented fish. However, naresaba (fermente…