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Source for Arabic pdfs

tabsir , May 12th, 2022

Here is a very useful source for downloading pdfs of Arabic texts on a wide range of subjects. Check it out here: https://ebook.univeyes.com/disciplines


Islamic Science Fiction Writing

tabsir , March 4th, 2022

Check out an interesting podcast on Muslim writing on science fiction.


The Syrian Mark Twain

tabsir , January 13th, 2022

Read the article here.


The Mind of Plants: Book launch by Synergetic Press on December 15

Glenn H. Shepard , December 13th, 2021

  –Synergetic Press has just released The Mind of Plants: Narratives of Vegetal Intelligence, edited by John C. Ryan, Patricia Vieira and Monica Gagliano, and with a foreword by D…

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With Pierre Loti in Persia

tabsir , December 8th, 2021

My friend, the historian G. Rex Smith, has recently translated into English a marvelous travel diary by the French military official and traveller Pierre Loti (1850-1923). It is…


Researching Islamic Manuscripts

tabsir , November 11th, 2021

Mahmoud Zaki has assembled a major resource on sources for the study of Islamic manuscripts, including links to major digital collections and publications. It can be accessed here….


Online Books in Halle

tabsir , October 16th, 2021

At least 337 Books published in Germany on Islam and history of the Middle East are available to read online or download. Most are in German but a…


Goethe, as West embraces East

tabsir , September 17th, 2021

There is an interesting article on Qantara about the significance of the German poet Goethe’s famous West-Östliche Divan, first published 1819. To read an English translation, click here.


Poetry and the Poet

tabsir , September 1st, 2021

by George Nicolas El-Hage, Ph.D. Poetry is the language of prophecy spoken by the angels and gods when they populated this earth before the fall. Hence, the poet…


Unlikely Blessings: A poem on hope, despair and periwinkle

Glenn H. Shepard , April 27th, 2021

 This poem, written fifteen years ago as my youngest son began (thankfully successful) chemotherapy for a rare immune system disease, was recently published for the first time by S…

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Shadows, Ambiguity, and More-Than-Human Politics

Anthropology365 , December 8th, 2020

My first glimpse of a peccary/javelina at one of my fieldsites. I am currently working on a manuscript exploring the ways that both literal and metaphorical shadows produce…

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Speaking for the Dead: Narratives of Genomics and Colonization

Anthropology365 , November 30th, 2020

This is a paper that I wrote for a Ph.D. course: Nature and Capitalism. I’ve been sitting on it and I don’t think I am going to do…

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Fifty Shades of Green: Reflecting back on the Oscar-nominated film Embrace of the Serpent in the age of coronavirus [excerpt]

Glenn H. Shepard , June 5th, 2020

The tragic death from coronavirus of indigenous actor Antonio Bolivar, star of the Oscar-nominated film Embrace of the Serpent, has made me reflect back on all the facts…

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The Significance of Covid-19 as Crisis by Marijn Nieuwenhuis

Marijn Nieuwenhuis , May 21st, 2020

What is the significance of COVID-19? The honest response is that I don’t know which, however, does not prevent me from thinking that it has something crucial to…


Not on the Beach, or Death in Bondi? by Warwick Anderson

Warwick Anderson , May 8th, 2020

Sydney’s Bondi Beach in January 2012. Photo: Alex Proimos As sometimes happens in Sydney in late March, toward the end of summer, that particular Friday was brilliantly hot…


Reading Myanmar—‘Miss Burma’ and the Liberal Conscience

Yellow Jessamine: A coronavirus haiku

Glenn H. Shepard , March 23rd, 2020

Yellow jessamine infects a premature Spring: Fragrant and lethal. Gelsemium sempervirens, known as yellow jessamine or Carolinajasmine, is a toxic plant with alkaloids related to…

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Interview: Recasting the Region by Neilesh Bose

Ian M. Cook , January 2nd, 2020

In his new book Recasting the Region: Language, Culture, and Islam in Colonial Bengal (Oxford University Press, 2014), Neilesh Bose analyses the trajectories of Muslim Bengali politics in…

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Author Interview: On the Threshold of Eurasia: Revolutionary Poetics in the Caucasus, by Leah Feldman (University of Chicago)

info@centraleurasia.org , October 16th, 2019

In this fourth and final installment of our author interview series, we are pleased to welcome Bruce Grant (New York University), in conversation with the winner of this…

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Teaching Literature on the Arabian Peninsula

Beth Derderian , October 7th, 2019

Even after 15 years of teaching literature on the Arabian Peninsula, I still worry about finding the right texts for my students. They are majoring in English language,…

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BONUS EPISODE: ‘The scariest word in the English language: a public lecture on schizophrenia’

Julia Brown , June 11th, 2019

In this public lecture, Gabrielle Carey and Julia Brown hope to achieve at least two things. First, to humanise and reduce fear around the condition of schizophrenia (a…

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Dramatising the Future

Briohny Doyle , March 14th, 2019

This is the third in a series of posts by scholars who attended the Anthropocene Campus Melbourne, an event hosted in September by Deakin University as part of…


How Ursula Le Guin’s Writing Was Shaped by Anthropology

Philip W. Scher , February 5th, 2018

In creating other worlds, Ursula Le Guin showed the power inherent in constructions of culture and new realities. Marian Wood Kolisch/Flickr This article was originally published at The…


which movie?

zephyrin_xirdal , October 21st, 2017

zeph’s pop culture quiz #60 A man is sitting in the cinema. Which movie is he watching? Mind, I am not asking from which film the screenshot is…

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