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Sobre el fin de los tiempos en estos tiempos: el fin del mundo como ideología

anthropologies , January 11th, 2022

Read Time:7 Minute, 14 Second Vivimos en una época de obsesión escatológica. El mundo se está acabando una y otra vez en películas,…


Online-Programm Joborientierung

Mareike , October 3rd, 2021

Direkt zu: Warum? Wie? Was? Konditionen Warum? Social Learning. Weil Joborientierung abseits der klassischen Berufe für Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaftler*innen stets Arbeit allein …


Ankündigung: Symposion Mental Health in der Hochschulpolitik

Mareike , September 13th, 2021

Ich möchte Euch auf eine Veranstaltung hinweisen: Mental Health in der Hochschulpolitik | THESIS Thesis e.V. ist ein Netzwerk für Promovierende und Promovierte. In diesem Jahr findet ein…


Doktorhut – alles gut?! Anmeldung bis 1. März (Universität Bonn)

Anna Lemke , February 23rd, 2021

Doktorhut – alles gut?! Anmeldung bis 1. März (Universität Bonn) Am Mittwoch, den 10.03.2021 laden das Career Center und das Bonner Graduiertenzentrum der Universität Bonn Doktorandinnen und…


Podcast #3 is online! Guest: Haiyue (Fiona) Shan

standplaatswereld , November 23rd, 2020

In this episode, Puck de Boer talks to Haiyue (or Fiona, her English name) Shan, a PhD student at the Sociology department of VU University. From a holistic,…

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#Corona: Distributing Anthropological Films During the Pandemic

Viktoria Paar , October 8th, 2020

During the COVID-19 lockdowns in the spring of 2020, when cinema theatres and university buildings closed, many film festivals decided to move their activities online. This moment of…


Ep #56: Imagined Communities, Freedom, Death and not blaming Capitalism: This month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , April 19th, 2020

Given the recently instigated social distancing rules in Canberra, this week we bring you a special “online” episode! For the safety of everyone, and especially in line with…

→The Familiar Strange

#Events: Virtual Edition à la Corona

Allegra , April 17th, 2020

Hello, readers. We hope that you and your loved ones are all staying safe (and sane?!) during these odd and testing times. In this month’s #events post, we’ve…


Ethnography and the Internet – what´s next?

Marek Tobota , December 11th, 2019

The Internet has been attracting researchers’ attention for long. As a relatively new territory, it presents a methodological challenge. For anthropologists as well. On the one hand, it…

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Joshua Bluteau on his dissertation

| , November 25th, 2019

My temptation is to hedge my bets and confidently claim that I have two page ninety-nines. This is true in the sense that there is a literal ninety-ninth…

→CaMP Anthropology

Devin Proctor’s page 99 test

| , July 29th, 2019

My dissertation, On Being Non-Human: Otherkin Identification and Virtual Space, is based on five years of ethnographic engagement examining identity construction and social practice among the Otherkin…

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Writing “in my Culture” w/ Zoe Wool and Alex Golub of Savage Minds

Gamwell , June 7th, 2017

Click the image above to read the blog post on Savage Minds What a title! This Anthro Life has teamed up with Savage Minds to bring you a…

→This Anthro Life

Savage Ears, Anthro Minds: Writing “in my Culture”

This Anthro Life , June 7th, 2017

A podcast and blog walk into a bar… Click the image above to check out the podcast on This Anthro Life This Anthro Life – Savage Minds Crossover…

→Savage Minds

First RAI Photo Salon

Haidy Geismar , January 30th, 2017

Haidy Geismar,  UCL Anthropology and Chair of the R.A.I Photo Committee On December 8, 2016, the Photography Committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute convened its first Photo Salon….

→Material World

Notes on the 12th digital ethnography reading (Lane 2016)

John Postill , July 30th, 2016

Lane, J. (2016). The Digital Street: An Ethnographic Study of Networked Street Life in Harlem. American Behavioral Scientist, 60(1), 43-58. doi: 10.1177/0002764215601711 Notes by Jolynna Sinanan Digit…


The future of designing autonomous systems will involve ethnographers

Madeleine clare elish , June 28th, 2016

Note from the Editor, Tricia Wang: Next up in our Co-designing with machines edition is Madeleine Clare Elish, (@mcette), is an anthropologist and researcher at Data & Society, presents a…

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An Engineering Anthropologist: Why tech companies need to hire software developers with ethnographic skills

Astrid Countee , June 22nd, 2016

Note from the Editor, Tricia Wang: I’m very please to announce that the next contributor in the Co-designing with machines edition is Astrid Countee (@ianthro), an anthropologist, software de…

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The human-side of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Steven Gustafson , June 20th, 2016

Note from the Editor, Tricia Wang: Next up in our Co-designing with machines edition is Steven Gustafson (@stevengustafson), founder of the Knowledge Discovery Lab at the General Electric Gl…

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The hidden story of how metrics are being used in courtrooms and newsrooms to make more decisions

Angèle Christin , June 20th, 2016

Note from the Editor, Tricia Wang: The next author for the Co-designing with machines edition is Angèle Christin (@angelechristin), sociologist and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Data & Soci…

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Why do brands lose their chill? How bots, algorithms, and humans can work together on social media

Molly Templeton , June 17th, 2016

Editor’s Note: The fourth contributor to the Co-designing with machines edition is Molly Templeton (@mollymeme), digital and social media expert, Director of Social Media at Everybody …

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Lou and Cee Cee prepare for fieldwork in the future: a world where robots conduct ethnography

Alicia Dudek , June 17th, 2016

Editor’s Note: Kicking off our Co-designing with machines edition is Alicia Dudek (@aliciadudek), Innovation Insight Lead & Design Ethnographer at Deloitte Digital Australia. Using …

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Co-designing with machines: moving beyond the human/machine binary

tricia wang , June 13th, 2016

Letter from the Editor: I am happy to announce Welcome to the The Co-Desinging with Machines edition. As someone with one foot in industry redesigning organizations to flourish in a…

→Ethnography Matters

Lemon Difficult: Building a Strategic Speculation Consultancy

Joseph Lindley , March 3rd, 2016

Joseph Lindley works with design fiction in order to facilitate meaningful speculation about the future. In between he likes to make music, take photographs and combine the other two…

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Don’t panic: the smart city is here!

dasdingwang , February 18th, 2016

Ding Wang, in her own words, ‘has a special interest in pursuing degrees whose names consist of two random words’ (specifically Tourism Management, Design Ethnography, and now Dig…

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