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Ethnographic Monographs – or now for something else?

standplaatswereld , April 18th, 2022

By Herbert Ploegman; Didi Boldewijn, Maya Roettger and Lorenzo Horwitz; Alice Riva, Claudia Rapisarda, Elisabeth Jongmans and Jasper Schotte; Ashley Prather and Maira van Emden Two crumpled up…

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Bradd Shore on his new book, Shakespeare and Social Theory

| , September 13th, 2021

https://www.routledge.com/Shakespeare-and-Social-Theory-The-Play-of-Great-Ideas/Shore/p/book/9781032017167 Interview by Rob Shore Rob Shore: Using the lens of social science on Shakespeare…

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Jane Goodman on her book, Staging Cultural Encounters

| , May 31st, 2021

Interview by Janina Fenigsen https://iupress.org/9780253049629/staging-cultural-encounters/ Janina Fenigsen: You’ve written a fascinating account of the 2016 US tour of the Algerian the…

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Black Masculinity in the United States

Chelsea Horton , August 14th, 2020

What a passionate exchange at a protest for civil rights tells us about the performance of Black masculinity as sincere investment in the Black community. In a viral…

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What’s in a Mask?

Chelsea Horton , May 8th, 2020

In early March 2020, groups of professional tailors and hobbyists formed to make high quality facsimiles of surgical masks to remedy a shortfall in personal protective equipment (PPE)…

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El performance puede cambiar el mundo!

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina , December 18th, 2019

Uno de los grandes acontecimientos de 2019 ha sido la puesta en escena del performance “Un violador en tu camino” del grupo de teatro “Las Tesis” de Valparaíso,…

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¿Génesis? Performance Poststructural 2019

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina , December 15th, 2019

Como cada año, este diciembre mis estudiantes del curso Teoría Social Post-estructural presentaron su examen final en la forma de un performance en el que tenían que actuar…

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Leo Hopkinson takes the page 99 test

| , September 16th, 2019

A match is arranged between two boxers as part of the funeral celebrations of a prominent boxing coach in central Accra, Ghana. On arriving at the venue and…

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Public Poetry: Lyrik im urbanen Raum

Claudia Benthien , September 8th, 2019

Urban Poetry ist mehr als nur ein Gedicht, das auf eine Fassade geschrieben wird und mehr als die Debatte, die es auslöst. Im besten Fall verändert spoken-word-Poesie, Poetry…

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How Skirts Are Changing Bolivian Wrestling

Nell Haynes , July 18th, 2019

Martha La Alteña (right) and Susana La Bonita (left) wrestle in El Alto, Bolivia. Aizar Raldes/Getty Images This article was originally published at The Conversation and has been republis…


Book: Ritualisierung – Mediatisierung – Performance

philbu , April 15th, 2019

Luger, M., Graf, F., & Budka, P. (Eds.). (2019). Ritualisierung – Mediatisierung – Performance. (Ritualization – Mediatization – Performance). Göttingen: V&R Unipress/…

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Out-of-Body Workspaces: Andy Serkis and Motion Capture Technologies

Rebecca Perry , March 19th, 2019

Upper image, production shot of live action actor James Franco (Left) and Andy Serkis, with digital character superimposed (Right). Lower image, the finished shot of live action and…


Micro-activist Affordances by Arseli Dokumaci

Arseli Dokumaci , March 18th, 2019

I met Ahmet, a disabled young man, during a visual ethnography I conducted in Istanbul, Turkey (2009), where I worked with people with disabilities related to rheumatoid arthritis…


Hallie Wells comments on p. 99 of her dissertation

| , October 15th, 2018

My dissertation examines how slam poets in Madagascar have forged a novel form of public discourse that emphasizes both freedom of speech and accountability for one’s speech. This…

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Suk-Young Kim on her new book, K-Pop Live

| , August 6th, 2018

https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=29375 Interview by Chuyun Oh Chuyun Oh: What were some of the questions you want to explore when you first decided to write a book on K-pop, and…

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#MeToo: Stories in the Age of Survivorship by Emma Backe – This Anthro Life

Gamwell , February 9th, 2018

Welcome to Story Slamming Anthropology. This series features both innovative narrative and audio performance drawing on the deep toolkit and methods of anthropology. The goal with Story Slamming…

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#Review: White Faces. Reframing memory #PerformanceArt

Christine Moderbacher , January 22nd, 2018

“It was so special” appears in simple white letters on a black screen while the performer Yadgar Bakir is speaking in a calm voice about childhood events that…


Teoría y docencia holostésica

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina , December 3rd, 2017

En 2011 comencé a desarrollar una nueva manera de enseñar antropología. Me daba cuenta de que a las y los estudiantes les costaba disfrutar lo que leían, la…

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Enchantment as Methodology

Carole McGranahan , November 1st, 2017

An invited post by: Yana Stainova   “The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic or intellectual forms a bridge between the sharers, which can be the basis…

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Enchantment as Methodology

Carole McGranahan , November 1st, 2017

An invited post by: Yana Stainova   “The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic or intellectual forms a bridge between the sharers, which can be the basis…

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Dwelling Among Walls: An Artist prepares for #MMTW Berlin

Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein , May 24th, 2017

One may recall a house with nostalgia, but the feelings of joy or melancholy with it have much to do with the memories of the people enclosed within…


When Anthropologists Act as Artifacts: A conversation between an Ancient Hairpin (Alec Balasescu) and a Gold Horse (Olga Sezneva) #MMTW

Alexandru Balasescu , May 18th, 2017

This post is the third installment of our thread on the Moving Matters Traveling Workshop (MMTW), a project that explores migration and mobility by developing artwork, exhibitions, performances…


Slam that #ethnography! – Imagine further

Robert Desjarlais , October 21st, 2016

After a week of performed ethnographic poetry, Robert Desjarlais and Eileen Moyer wrap things up in their concluding remarks. If you haven’t read the posts yet, go back…


Slam that #ethnography! – Troubling Fieldwork

David Bukusi , October 18th, 2016

Let’s start our ethnography slam with contributions by David Bukusi, Silke Hoppe, Justine Laurent, and Natashe Lemos Dekker. ENJOY!   Doctor’s Slam by David Bukusi – Daktari No…