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Before They Erase It: Memory and the social media archive

Nell Haynes , November 13th, 2019

Disponible en español aquí. This afternoon, I began to notice increasingly alarming images, posts, and tweets from my interlocutors in Santiago. It appeared that Santiago was on fire,…


„Wenn jemand mir die Luft wegnimmt, muss ich kämpfen“ – Interview mit einer Protestierenden in Hongkong

Sarah Koeksal , October 24th, 2019

Hongkong ist bekannt als profitorientierte Stadtmaschine. Was ist passiert, dass die Bewohner der Millionenstadt seit Monaten trotz zunehmender Polizeigewalt und einbrechender Wirtschaft zu Protesten …

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Optics and Fluidity: Evading Surveillance in Hong Kong

Jessica Lauren Bray , October 3rd, 2019

請點此閱讀中文版 Eyes in/on/for Hong Kong  At the Hong Kong airport, thousands of protesters line the arrivals hall. Creating a corridor for passengers to walk through, they stand silently,…


Our Governor Resigned via Facebook: #RickyRenuncia, Puerto Rico’s Summer of Protest

Patricia Alvarez Astacio , July 31st, 2019

Disponible en español aquí. On July 13th, the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (Center for Investigative Journalism) leaked 889 pages of a Telegram App chat between the governor of…


Das Selbstverständnis der Bewegungsforschung im Dilemma zwischen Selbst- und Fremdbestimmung. Versuch einer Weiterführung der Debatte

kaschuba , January 7th, 2019

Im Juni-Doppelheft des Forschungsjournals Soziale Bewegungen verfassten Simon Teune und Peter Ullrich in der neu eingerichteten IPB-Rubrik einen (selbst-)kritischen Beitrag zum politischen Auftrag von…


Kristóf Szombati: Protesting the “slave law” in Hungary: The erosion of illiberal hegemony?

Focaal Web Editor , December 28th, 2018

In recent weeks, Hungary has again made international headlines. This time, it was a popular movement born out of resistance to the latest rewriting of the labor code—which…


De CEU countdown is begonnen #OccupyKossuth

standplaatswereld , November 27th, 2018

door Georgette Veerhuis             Het is alweer bijna twee jaar geleden dat ik meeliep met een enorme protestmars in Boedapest, waar zo’n 80,000 man op af kwam, om te…

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The Nerds’ Turn: Battling for a Democratic Academia in Poland

Mateusz Laszczkowski , June 11th, 2018

As students and academics in Poland are fighting to defend democracy and autonomy of the universities, this post is a battle cry. It outlines the threats to intellectual…


Marching for Science w/Valorie Aquino – This Anthro Life

Ryan Collins , April 11th, 2018

On this episode of This Anthro Life, hosts Ryan Collins and Adam Gamwell are joined by TAL correspondent and guest host Astrid Countee and by a very special…

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Long Read Review: Minority Women and Austerity: Survival and Resistance in France and Britain by Leah Bassel and Akwugo Emejulu

Rose Deller , March 15th, 2018

In Minority Women and Austerity: Survival and Resistance in France and Britain, Leah Bassel and Akwugo Emejulu contribute to analyses of the political effects of austerity by looking at…

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So…Is There A Global Occusphere?

MPeterson , March 12th, 2018

The Occusphere. That’s the term given by Tod Moore of the University of Newcastle in Australia to the “totality of Occupy-inspired events” in his article “The transformation …


The Picket Line in the Digital Age

Joseph Cook , March 1st, 2018

Joseph Cook -MPhil/PhD Anthropology    @joseph_m_cook The following is the transcript from a talk given on Monday 26th February as part of a range of student-led teach-ins and…

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DragNet: February 1 – February 15, 2018

anthropoliteiaadmin , February 20th, 2018

Image from ACLU.org For this dragnet update we have several fascinating articles to highlight. Among the stories from the United states was  an article on  the NYPD’s unofficial power…


DragNet: January 16 – January 31, 2018

ngraulich , February 6th, 2018

Image from projects.bettergov.org DragNet is back, with a recap of a number articles that came up last month in our twitter feed. In World News, we have a…


Book Review: Alter-Globalization in Southern Europe: Anatomy of a Social Movement by Eduardo Zachary Albrecht

Rose Deller , December 14th, 2017

In Alter-Globalization in Southern Europe: Anatomy of a Social Movement, Eduardo Zachary Albrecht explores the alter-globalisation movements in Spain, Italy and Greece that envisage resistance less as…

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Protest Matters! #AAA2017 Installation and Virtual Museum

Siobhán McGuirk , October 25th, 2017

Protest Matters! is an interactive temporary museum of protest objects that will run in conjunction with the AAA meetings in Washington DC next month. The project invites academics,…


A Defense of the Charlottesville Counter-Protesters

Alexandra Frankel , October 17th, 2017

Not all forms of violence are created equal. On August 12, violence unfolded at a white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. President Trump’s immediate reaction…

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From supporting migrants to protesting for change

standplaatswereld , October 14th, 2017

By Lysanne Vrooman           Almost half a year ago, on the 25th of March 2017, it was the sixtieth anniversary of the treaty of Rome….

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Why Deportation to Afghanistan is Wrong

Shahram Khosravi , October 3rd, 2017

Since the first week of August, hundreds of young Afghan asylum seekers have been holding a sit-down protest against deportation in central Stockholm. The protest is staged on…


Protest & Politics: Sounds from Budapest and Beyond

Ian M. Cook , August 16th, 2017

Do you remember your last protest? I do, because I spent the protest alone with my headphones on clutching a sound recorder. I was trying to avoid both…

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Pride in Resistance

Ryan Thoreson , June 26th, 2017

In the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration, Pride marches and parades are taking place against a backdrop where taking to the streets has been resignified as a potent,…

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The Unwelcomed Guest

Rick Wilk , April 27th, 2017

Fibonacci Blue, CC BY 2.0 Early in April the faculty at Indiana University had a heated email discussion about Charles Murray’s visit to our campus. The co-author of…

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Shifting realities – #IstandwithCEU

standplaatswereld , April 4th, 2017

Solidarity during the protest in support of CEU and academic freedom on 2 April 2017. (Photo courtesy of Index.hu) By Georgette Veerhuis      A few weeks ago I was…

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Kendzior: In Defense of Complaining

Ryan , March 27th, 2017

This was meant to be a book review. Instead, it’s an essay about the power—and importance—of complaining.[1] The book under consideration here is Sarah Kendzior’s The View from…

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