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Loneliness and Despair in the Field: Revisiting my First Fieldwork

standplaatswereld , March 8th, 2022

By Marina de Regt. Recently, during a supervision meeting with three of my Master students (all of them women), one of them asked about my own experiences in…

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The Making of Vizag Gas Leak Disaster: Procedural lapses or Regulatory Design?

Prerna Sah , August 25th, 2020

Hundreds of tonnes of poisonous Styrene gas leaked out of the LG Polymers plant in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh on the 7th of May 2020, leaving 11 dead and…


In the Journals – Police Abolition

allisontedesco , August 24th, 2020

Allegory of Justice (Sanctity of the Law) by The Metropolitan Museum of Art via PICRYL Welcome back to In the Journals! This ongoing series aims to bridge conversations…


I Choose to Look Above the Prison Walls…

Chelsea Horton , November 15th, 2019

From razor wire to emotional barriers, women serving life sentences contend with walls of all kinds—physical, rhetorical, and of their own making. My walls were riddled with bullet…

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Driver-Citizens and Technical Safety in India: Traffic Violations and Penalties in the Motor Vehicle Act 2019

Sneha Annavarapu , October 1st, 2019

One of the first things that gets discussed with reference to India is road traffic. Erstwhile known as a land of snake charmers, this classically orientalist image of…


“India’s Gig-work Economy” Roundtable

noopur raval , September 5th, 2019

This roundtable discussion marks the end of our series on India’s Gig-work Economy. In this discussion, we reflect on methods, challenges, inter-subjectivities and possible future directions for…


Ladies ‘Log’: Women’s Safety and Risk Transfer in Ridehailing

Anushree Gupta , August 1st, 2019

*A note from Co-PI Noopur Raval: The arrival and rise of gig-work globally has ushered in a new wave of conversations around the casualization of labor and the precarious…


Ethnographic Ableism: Structural Silencing of Physical Disability in Anthropological Research

thenewethnographer , August 20th, 2018

Micha Rahder is Assistant Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Geography & Anthropology at Louisiana State University. Her research centers on the intersection of science and social…

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Alright, let’s talk about GHB: A user’s guide. 

Hilary Agro , April 13th, 2017

When it kicks in, it feels like meeting an old friend for the first time. – Daniel, 34 Few drugs are as misunderstood and stigmatized as GHB (except for…

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The ethnographer’s body is gendered

thenewethnographer , February 14th, 2017

Anya Evans is a PhD candidate currently conducting ethnographic research in the Middle East. Her work revolves around issues of the everyday and the future under occupation. She…

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