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On the Edge of the Body

Renata , December 1st, 2021

By Renata Carvalho Anthropology’s many attempts of conceptualising the body into clear and useful analytical categories has raised significant ontological questions that problematise the very basi…

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Fit for Purpose? Prime Minister Johnson’s Two Bodies and the UK Better Health Strategy by Kandida Purnell

Kandida Purnell , September 11th, 2020

Amongst the UK’s current Conservative Government, rhetorically invoking the body politic is common practice. For example, in 2019 Number 10 Special Advisor Dominic Cummings argued that a European…


Provincializing Metabolism (On the Poverty of Modernism) by Maurizio Meloni

Maurizio Meloni , January 28th, 2020

According to accepted wisdom and textbooks, “metabolism” is a nineteenth-century term and concept, established at the confluence of organic chemistry, cell biology, and physiology. In Microscopical R…


Our Understanding of the Labor Experience Is Overdue for Change

Krystal D'Costa , January 17th, 2018

Labor interventions are largely driven by standards set in the 1950s. A growing body of research suggests it may be time for a change — Read more on…

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Juxtaposition by Annemarie Mol

Annemarie Mol , October 4th, 2016

Editor: The following is an introduction to a new Japanese translation of The body multiple. It can be purchased through Suiseisha publishers, as part of their series on The Anthropological…


Infant Topography: Baby Body Mapping in Maphisa, Zimbabwe by Min’enhle Ncube

Min'enhle Ncube , September 19th, 2016

Nomsa, her sixteen month old son Nathi and I met early one morning at the entrance to the open cast mine in Mafuyana, Southern Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. Nathi safely…


Top of the Heap: Helen Verran by Hannah Gibson

Hannah Gibson , May 4th, 2016

For this installment of the Top of the Heap series, I spoke with Helen Verran, a historian and philosopher of science who is Adjunct Professor at Charles Darwin…


Academic hands

eli , March 11th, 2016

Jeffrey Williams wrote in his excellent essay Smart that academics’ hands are remarkable for their contrast with working-class hands: My father has a disconcerting habit, especially for people…


How Do We Normalize Pregnancy?

Scientific American Blog: Anthropology in Practice , July 29th, 2015

Is our cultural antipathy toward pregnancy and children creating a health hazard? — Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

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Boredom as a practice

eli , May 5th, 2015

I was reading through my field notebooks lately and I came across a little ethnographic snippet of description. It is a description of a male French student sitting in a…