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Introducing: “Disaster X”

Maximilian C. Forte , June 26th, 2022

Disaster X is a new publication, that is tied to this site: it is available on Substack. Here I just want to briefly introduce the material that already…


شناخت از تاریخ و فرهنگ؛ لازمۀ توسعۀ پایدار

, June 25th, 2022

گفت‌وگو‌ با «محسن شهرنازدار»، سرپرست علمی مجموعۀ «پژوهش‌های ایران فرهنگی» ویژۀ بلوچستان شناخت از تاریخ و فرهنگ؛ لازمۀ توسعۀ پایدار برای آنکه متوقف نمانیم هرکس باید سهم خود…

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بلوچستان؛ جایی فراتر از تصاویر کلیشه‌ای

ناصر فکوهی , June 25th, 2022

دربارۀ گسترۀ فرهنگی بلوچستان در طول تاریخ سال‌هاست عادت کرده‌ایم هر بار سخن از بلوچ‌ها و بلوچستان به میان می‌آید، جز تصاویری از فقر و محرومیت‌، از سرزمینی…

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یادداشت‌های پایان قرن (۳۶)

زهره روحی , June 25th, 2022

فصل چهارم: اصالت وجود هایدگر و همگنان طی سالهای اخیر کتابهای متعددی (اعم از ترجمه یا تألیف) درباره فلسفه هایدگر به چاپ رسیده است، که دربین آنها می‌توان…

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فضا و کنشگری آفریننده

آذر جوادزاده , June 25th, 2022

چگونه می‌توان فارغ از نظریه‌های پیچیده، از فضا و کنشگری در فضا به زبان ساده سخن گفت؟ فضا چیست؟ آیا فضا محاط است یا محیط؟ آیا فضا ظرفی…

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Centralització no és centralitat

Manuel Delgado , June 25th, 2022

La foto és de Kevin Mohett Comentari per en Guillermo Aguirre, enviat el 15 de juny de 2022 Centralitzacio no és centralitat Manuel Delgado El que volen fer…


Links & Contents I Liked 449

Tobias Denskus , June 24th, 2022

Hi all,This final post before the traditional summer break until early August is filled with interesting stories from around the #globaldev world again! UN whistleblowers, MSF visual communication,…


Todos los soles del mundo

anthropologies , June 24th, 2022

Read Time:10 Minute, 56 Second “…el conocimiento que ha aportado la hipercrítica de la posmodernidad en Ciencias Sociales, tan pol…


Carles Lalueza-Fox, “Inequality: A Genetic History” (MIT Press, 2022)

New Books Network , June 24th, 2022

Inequality is an urgent global concern, with pundits, politicians, academics, and best-selling books all taking up its causes and consequences. In Inequality: A Genetic History (MIT Press, 2022), Carles Lalueza-Fox…

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Emily Mendenhall, “Unmasked: Covid, Community, and the Case of Okoboji” (Vanderbilt UP, 2022)

New Books Network , June 24th, 2022

Unmasked: Covid, Community, and the Case of Okoboji (Vanderbilt UP, 2022) is the story of what happened in Okoboji, a small Iowan tourist town, when a collective turn from the…

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Karrierewerkstatt 28.6.2022

Mareike , June 24th, 2022

Dr. Iris Köhler und ich laden herzlich zur dritten offenen Karrierewerkstatt via Zoom ein: 28.6.2022, 17:00-18:30 Uhr Unser Schwerpunktthema ist: Bewerben. Wenn Du graduierst, promoviers…


What Ancient Stone “Swiss Army Knives” Mean

Amy Mosig Way , June 24th, 2022

Multipurpose ancient stone tools harbor more clues about human sociality than initially meet the eye. Paloma de la Peñ This article was originally published in The Conversation and…


Centennial of the Indian Arts Research Center Collections: Gala Dinner and Auction

Lindsay Archuleta , June 24th, 2022

Thunder and light rain did not keep 100 stalwart gala guests from descending the stone steps to enter a white-tented world where they were …

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In Case You Missed It: Cultivating Connections 2022

foodanthro , June 23rd, 2022

Jennifer Jo Thompson, University of Georgia (SAFN President) After three years of planning, postponing due to COVID-19, and then planning again, “Cultivating Connections”—the 2022 joint annual mee…


Cuando la copia vence al original. Versiones que superaron a las versiones originales

anthropologies , June 23rd, 2022

Read Time:3 Minute, 43 Second Todas las épocas tienen canciones que son seña de identidad de la misma, y grupos memorables que han …


Bharat Jayram Venkat, “At the Limits of Cure” (Duke UP, 2021)

New Books Network , June 23rd, 2022

Can a history of cure be more than a history of how disease comes to an end? In 1950s Madras, an international team of researchers demonstrated that antibiotics were…

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Susan Hartman, “City of Refugees: The Story of Three Newcomers Who Breathed Life into a Dying American Town” (Beacon Press, 2022)

New Books Network , June 23rd, 2022

City of Refugees: The Story of Three Newcomers Who Breathed Life into a Dying American Town (Beacon Press, 2022) paints an intimate portrait of the newcomers revitalizing a fading industrial…

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Äntligen dags för konferens!

Kulturanalyser , June 23rd, 2022

Så kändes det som att många kände inför att Nordiska etnolog- och folkloristkongressen (Ethnofolk) gick av stapeln i Reykjavik 13-16 juni, det märkets också genom ett högt deltagarantal…


Apocalyptic end times

john hutnyk , June 23rd, 2022

I have a hunch this place won’t last the decade – some sort of global cataclysm is in the offing, you can just tell. Yet despite prognostications of…


ARHE Policy Brief Award

Kristin Hedges , June 22nd, 2022

We are excited to announce the first annual ARHE Policy Brief Award is now open for submissions. The aim of the award is to encourage and acknowledge the contributions…

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Anthropolitan | Call for Photographs 2022

anthropolitanblog , June 22nd, 2022

Dear students and staff, We are delighted to write with news of a new departmental photography initiative. We warmly invite submissions from all members of the department—students and…


KulturTransfer – Wie fast alles, was uns vertraut ist, eigentlich einen Migrationshintergrund hat (Buchprojekt)

wbkollegmike , June 22nd, 2022

Michael Toggweiler Das Wort „Tabu“, das bei Sigmund Freud Prominenz erhalten sollte und nicht mehr aus unserem Alltagswortschatz wegzudenken ist, brachte James Cook aus der Südsee mit. “…

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The Allowable Limit of Disability

Gabrielle Hanley-Mott , June 22nd, 2022

This browser does not support HTML5 audio The Allowable Limit of Disability read by the author, Gabrielle Hanley-Mott In February 2022 a court in Norway …


حاشیه‌های فمینیستی قرآن

فاطمه آقامیری , June 22nd, 2022

کتاب حاشیه‌های فمینیستی قرآن نوشتۀ عایشه هدایت‌الله با ترجمۀ مرضیه محصص و نفیسه دانش‌فرد توسط نشر کرگدن در سال ۱۴۰۰ به بازار آمد. «این کتاب، که در سال…

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