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On the Edge of the Body

By Renata Carvalho Anthropology’s many attempts of conceptualising the body into clear and useful analytical categories has raised significant ontological questions that …

→Culture and Capitalism

5 min interview

I get the occasional cold call from secondary school students and always try to respond with some things that are expected and …


The Dirt

Discard Studies is a young field of research that takes systems of waste and wasting as its topic of study, including but …

→Discard Studies

در ستایش عشق

 زهرا رستمی  «اگر حافظه‌مان را از دست دهیم، خودمان را از دست داده‌ایم. فراموشی، یکی از نشانه‌های مرگ است. وقتی حافظه نداری …

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