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British Colonialism and Railways to Nowhere in Northern Burma

Tony Waters , October 23rd, 2022

In Northern Burma there is a railway bridge, the Gokteik Viaduct. It was completed in 1900 by a Pennsylvania steel company under contract to the British government, which…


Trying to Out the CIA, and Other Musings about Ethnography.com

Tony Waters , September 8th, 2022

Last June, I published an article about the role of the CIA in the post-World War II world order.  I rather liked it,  but no one seems to…


Ghosts Look Over the Shoulders of Myanmar Peace Negotiators

Reading Myanmar—‘Miss Burma’ and the Liberal Conscience

Batman’s Butler Alfred Philosophizes about Colonial Violence in British Burma

The Elephants, the Peace Process, and the Blindmen in a Myanmar Hotel Ballroom

How to Read a WEIRD Evidence-Based Yangon Consultancy Report

In the Journals May, 2019

williamodum , May 30th, 2019

Welcome back to In the Journals, a brief look at just a few articles that have been published in previous months on policing, law, and governance. These readings…


Thinking about Yangon: Normalcy or Conflict?

Basic Human Decency and Death by Hanging in Britain’s Colonies

Heroes of Freedom: Burma’s 88 Generation and the Legacy of Mandela

Seinenu Thein , May 1st, 2014

  It is easy when a nation is modernizing as rapidly as Burma is to look only forward, rather than backward. Yet, perhaps one of the most important lessons…

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