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Alliances and Institutional Partnerships for an Engaged Anthropology of Science and Technology

Catarina Morawska , April 26th, 2022

This browser does not support HTML5 audio Listen to this post read by the authors here. Conceptual transformations and emerging thematic agendas in the a…


Scholarly Podcasting Book: Invitation to a Public Mass Peer Review

Cook, Ian M. , March 23rd, 2022

I (Ian, member of the Allegra Lab editorial collective) ‘wrote’ a book called ‘Scholarly Podcasting: Why, What, How?’. It’ll come out in autumn. I was motivated to write…

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Interdisciplinary Efforts to Oppose a Punitive Perinatal Substance Use Law in North Carolina by Bayla Ostrach

Bayla Ostrach , December 15th, 2021

Across the United States, legislators continue to devise new ways to target parents who use drugs through a variety of state systems. In the past twenty years, the…


Special ANSA Collaboration: Hanne Worsoe & Romy Listo on Fieldwork Trauma in & Outsider Witnessing

The Familiar Strange , May 30th, 2021

The Familiar Strange · Special ANSA Collaboration: Hanne Worsoe and Romy Listo on Fieldwork Trauma and Outsider Witnessing This week we bring you a special collaboration between The…

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Writing Life No. 9: An interview with Danya Fast by Robert Lorway

Robert Lorway , May 6th, 2021

It is 11 am in Vancouver. Danya sits at a desk beside a large window that looks out onto tree tops and electrical wires. Rain pools in the…


Building Collaborative Habits, Establishing Sustaining Relations: What is the Role of a Scholarly Society Today?

Angela Okune , March 23rd, 2021

For decades, the in-person academic conference has been a core aspect of the scholarly society’s mandate and programming. But the disruption COVID-19 has brought to in-person travel has…


Emergent Anthropology: Reimagining U.S. Medical Anthropology in Theory and Practice by Ellen Rubinstein

Ellen Rubinstein , January 20th, 2021

The American Anthropological Association website identifies four subfields of anthropology (archaeology, biological, cultural, linguistic) and reserves a separate section for “applied and practicing …


Writing Life No. 3: An interview with Janelle Taylor by Anna Harris

Anna Harris , January 8th, 2021

Figure 1: Janelle’s chair, with writing and knitting projects underway The conversation began on a summer day in a 13th Century chateau, with a moat, on the outskirts…


Collaborative Ethnography in the Digital Age: Towards a New Methodological Framework*

digitalethnography , November 13th, 2020

Monika Palmberger & Philipp Budka Digital ethnography has become a very vibrant research field, as the growing body of literature indicates (e.g. Hjorth et al., 2017; Pink et…

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Collaborative Ecologies: Anthropologies of (and for) Survival in the More-Than-Human City

Guest Contributor , October 6th, 2020

A vacant house in Wilkinsburg, PA, is reclaimed by vines and artists. Photo by Noah Theriault, 2017. Anthro{dendum} welcomes guest contributors Noah Theriault and Alex Nading. Noah is…


No Journal is an Island

Kate Herman , September 10th, 2020

Libraria is a collective of researchers based in the social sciences who seek to bring about a more open, diverse, community-controlled scholarly communication system. Since 2015, the group…


Invitation to Covidentities 2020

ukvisualanth , May 28th, 2020

  Welcome to this year’s visual anthropology screening and an exciting collection of creative, engaged and always personal projects by our visual anthropology students. This year our stude…

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Feminist Anthropology Is Teamwork

Emily de Wet , November 7th, 2019

As the launch of Feminist Anthropology was becoming visible in 2019, I found myself working on its editorial board with colleagues with whom I had collaborated over the…

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Resolutionaries 2019

ukvisualanth , June 22nd, 2019

Matt Rose introduces the event with a poem.   Welcome and thank you for coming.  Before the films get up and running I’d like to invite us all…

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Invitation to Resolutionaries 2019-Rebel-Recreate-Reclaim

ukvisualanth , May 21st, 2019

  Dear students, friends, alumni and supporters of visual anthropology at Kent, In the year when Extinction Rebellion protests caught the public imagination and led to the declaration…

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Sharing & Communicating User Research

Natalie Hanson , April 6th, 2019

This blog post is a transcript of a podcast / interview I did earlier this year with Zack Naylor, the CEO of Aurelius. Among other things, we discussed…

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Out-of-Body Workspaces: Andy Serkis and Motion Capture Technologies

Rebecca Perry , March 19th, 2019

Upper image, production shot of live action actor James Franco (Left) and Andy Serkis, with digital character superimposed (Right). Lower image, the finished shot of live action and…


Making an academic ‘coven’

The Familiar Strange , February 24th, 2019

Hierarchies persist, which is why factions, such as covens, coalesce in the first place. They emerge from a place of need. A need to counteract isolation, disparate power…

→The Familiar Strange

A chat with the Advancing Research community

Natalie Hanson , December 7th, 2018

An abbreviated reprise of my UX Camp Chicago keynote, where I field questions from Lou Rosenfeld’s Advancing Research community about tackling interdisciplinary collaboration in a practical, empatheti…

→Natalie Hanson

Respect, care, and labor in collaborative scholarly projects by Nayantara Sheoran Appleton

Nayantara Sheoran Appleton , July 2nd, 2018

As members of Somatosphere’s Editorial Collaborative, we have been following the unfolding crisis surrounding Hau with profound concern (Agro 2018, Flaherty 2018). As others have noted, this crisis…


Q&A: On Illustration, Collaboration, and Anthropology

Anne , November 15th, 2017

This month, we launch our first graphic novel and the first book in our new ethnoGRAPHIC series, Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution. This project…

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ethnoGRAPHIC: Extending Anthropology’s Reach, One Comic at a Time

Anne , November 1st, 2017

Part of my job as an editor is to convince people to write the books I think they should write, not necessarily the ones they want to write….

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‘Devicing’ fieldwork #Colleex

Tomás Sánchez Criado , September 19th, 2017

Collaboration is an epistemic figure resulting from the careful craft of articulating inventive shared modes of doing together with our companions in the field. The field turns into…


Ethnographic experimentation: Other tales of the field #Colleex

Adolfo Estalella , September 18th, 2017

Ethnographic experimentation refers to an ethnographic modality where anthropologists venture into the collaborative production of venues for knowledge creation that turn the field into a site for the…